updates - storefront?! and plans for the furture

These past few months have been a whirlwind of wildness. So many changes and triumphs, in my business and myself. 


Spit And Shine opened a storefront in Downtown St. Catharines with my pal Katie from Use of Colour!!!  We've known each other since our high school days, always gravitating through art, music scenes and pop-up markets. The decision for her being a business partner was not even in question. Our shop style is very different but in so many ways compliments one another - making our current store stock mighty. 
Introducing to you The Studio Shop. An artist-run shop that focuses of artist multiples, handmade items and vintage clothing + house goods.  433A St. Paul Street, St. Catharines, ON. 
We just released a huge summer vintage clothing collection in store. We have both been collectors + vintage enthusiasts since High School, both once at the local St. Catharines Flea market - combined we have a great amount of selection to choose from. 
Once our stock is depleted we want to try our hardest to get most of our clothing from rag houses - the last point before textile waste reaches the landfills, most likely overseas. It's a hard job but we want to try our best to give the things once loved a final chance. The amount of textile waste in this world is disgusting and effects people globally. 
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The Future of Spit And Shine and whats next..

This opportunity came out of no where, really. I wasn't totally prepared for the transition in the beginning. There's a lot of backend responsibility and effort that goes into even running an online store. The balance currently is in flux as now I have a storefront to worry about plus a NOW part-time job to maintain(XO Love u Beechwood Doughnuts). It's becoming easier by the day and with the help of having a business partner through The Studio Shop it's much different than flying solo like I've done for the past 6 years. 
Here is what to expect from me in the next few months: 
Although I may be a bit silent drop wise... Use Of Colour and I are planning to do drops together, more themed with a wider range of styles and sizes. For now they'll be posted together under a particular section on the Spit And Shine website. Expect the first "FRUIT DROP" within the next couple weeks. 
As there are more pop-up markets happening Downtown St. Catharines, it's very tempting to join on in on the fun. But I'm going to have to sit this summer out of the fun! 
For now come shop The Studio Shop, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays! If those days don't work for you send us a DM, and you can get a private shopping appointment! 
All of our logos and designs come from Codey Thompson! 



We hope to see you around the shop, and eventually back online when we get into a better groove of things! Thanks so much for the support always

XO Rae