moving forward

spit and shine has always aimed to thrive within a community setting. hand-helping-hand kind of way.

But I wanted to make a clear plan. So I can do something realistic(for my small small business), educated, and thoughtful for my community. 

Moving forward Spit And Shine will be donating all proceeds of one handmade accessory item and/or 10% of monthly sales to a non-profit organization within the Niagara Region/Hamilton/GTA. Rotating every month. 

So far our plans for the upcoming months are: 

August: Positive Living Niagara

Positive Living is a community based non-profit organization made up of dedicated staff and volunteers who provide education, support, and advocacy for HIV-positive individuals, their families, and friends. Since 1987. Providing a continuum of innovative and proactive approaches to harm reduction, prevention and a person-centered focus on support and education for those at risk and affected by HIV, HCV and STBBIs.

September: Niagara Migrant Workers Interest Group 

NMWIG member organizations work together to address three main areas of concern for agricultural migrant workers, which have been identified in academic and research papers and by agricultural migrant workers themselves.

  • health issues

  • social exclusion

  • legal status issues

To meet guest workers' needs in Niagara, NMWIG coordinates the efforts of individuals and interested organizations that provide services in advocacy, health, transportation, nutrition, finances, employment, worker's health and safety, and language and education for seasonal migrant workers.


We will continue to update you all on what organizations locally we will be donating to after these months. After much research, we believe it is best for the organizations that we choose to be within the rotation. This way they can better plan for their future budget plans and better assist people within the community throughout the years to come. Thank you! 

XO Rae